Chain Stoppers

Challenge Improve Deliver

Single Axis Chain Stoppers provide a simple way of connecting a mooring line to a turret table. In 2015 we were asked to design, manufacture and deliver a set of Chain Stoppers based on an existing design to suit the needs of our client. The design needed to integrate into a structure that was being developed in parallel.  Although this product was not part of our product range at the time, we accepted the challenge and took ownership of the design and manufacturing. Working with both the Client and the 3rd party rules, we qualified the materials, the design and the manufacturing route. We also developed functional tests and a proof load test rig specifically for these products, having the test equipment onsite meant that we could minimise any delay to the project during the testing phase.

This project demonstrates how we are willing to react to a specific requirement that our clients may have and work them to meet their project needs. If you have a similar requirement or wish to work with us on a mooring project then please contact us to discuss your requirements.