Flintstone Technology Ltd combines the following core skills:

  • High integrity mechanical engineering design
  • High load and high fatigue product applications
  • Inductive coupling for transfer of signals and power

We operate in the energy industries covering both oil and gas production as well as renewable energy.

Our product applications include:

  • Mooring Connectors
  • Mooring Tensioners
  • Mooring Accessories

We work with clients on specific applications of our knowledge and welcome the opportunity to provide your custom engineering requirements.


Flintstone can provide bespoke accessories including H-links, Y-Links and Lever arms to meet your mooring line requirements.


Our versatile range of mooring connectors provide a simple method of installation and line change out.


Our tensioner products can be fitted at the vessel, in the mooring line or at the anchor. This allows a variety of mooring solutions to be created.