SMC Connector

Challenge Improve Deliver

Experience with various method of making up connection close to the seabed, ROV H links, Ball and taper devices and others suggested that a simpler and easier to install method was required.

The evolution of the FTL-SMC started with the premise that whatever the solution turned out to be it had to be rugged and deal with heave being transmitted from surface through the crane wire. Even using the most advanced heave compensated crane cannot totally eliminate some vertical motion.

The FTL-SMC is a simple rugged way to make a connection for example onto a suction or drive pile and can survive impacts due to heave. The fork and alignment bar method allows the connector to align the two halves without any special rigging. There is no need for any special rigging and no anti corrosion packs are required. Its is quick and fast to make up and locking is both by ROV inserted pin and an automatic back up locking mechanism which issued when the FTL-SMC is pulled away by the chain.

Used first in the Bangladesh and Summit projects the FTL-SMC is a great example of Flintstone’s practical approach to product development to suit the demanding subsea installation market.