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Flintstone offers a complete range of products from seabed to surface.

From Underwater Fairleads, Turret connections through to chain stoppers and accessories such as H links and tri plates, Flintstone supplies complete sets of mooring system components to connect the mooring line at all points, whether chain, wire or rope.

Flintstone is also developing mooring line tension and condition monitoring systems for both new builds and retrofit.

Our Products

Further information on our specific mooring products can be viewed by clicking a product below;

Buoy Turret Connector (BTC)

The BTC is an ROV operable mooring connector. It uses a sheave to allow the male to be pulled into the female. The ROV then inserts and locks a pin. This product means the mooring line can be connected and disconnected with ease....

Subsea Mooring Connector (SMC)

Subsea Mooring Connector was developed in response to a need to replace ball and taper based systems at the seabed, to simplify installation and offer a more robust solution....