Horizontal Test Rig

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Our Horizontal Test Rig performs Proof Load, Minimum Break Load (MBL) and destructive testing of components in tension. It has been designed with a control and safety system to ensure that the extension under load over time (rate of strain) is carefully monitored and controlled. We use it to test a variety of our own components e.g. Lever Arms & Inline Tensioners to ensure that they meet customer and 3rd party load requirements.

The Horizontal Test Rig is available for hire. Contact us for more details.

The Horizontal Test Rig can also be equipped to allow fatigue cycle testing  to be performed. In this set up the load is limited to 2700kN.

The overall specification for the rig is as follows:

  • Max load: 23MN.
  • Calibrated load cells up to 30MN.
  • Test bed width: 1700mm
  • Load path centre height: 1240mm
  • Bed length: 2700mm -12700mm (1000mm pitch for rig anchor)
  • Cylinder max extension: 1500mm