Vertical Test Rigs

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Originally designed specifically for mooring connectors, the vertical test rig provides controlled load testing of test pieces. The vertical rig suits shorter test pieces than the horizontal rig. However, the rig itself is modular and can be used in different configurations to test a variety of components. It has the potential to create loads up to 37MN, the current setup with the top beam is limited to 20MN using a calibrated gauge and cylinder set. We have a Calibrated load cell rated at 13.5MN.

The Vertical Test Rig can also be configured for static load testing of bearings.

The Vertical rig is available for hire. Contact us for more details.

The overall specification for the rig is as follows:

  • Max Load: 13.5MN (Load Cell)
  • 20MN (Gauge & Cylinders)
  • Max test item length: 3000mm
  • Current Min test item length: 1745mm
  • Max test component sizes: 600mmx740mm