Talking Rubbish!

On Monday 2nd December Flintstone employees visited the site of the Baldovie EfW (Energy from Waste) CHP (Combined Heat & Power) Facility in Forties Road, Dundee following an invite by MVV.
Ahead of the Christmas rush, MVV have decided to invite local residents and businesses to the Energy from Waste facility for a tour dubbed ‘Meet Your Waste’

MVV are a German company who in November 2017, entered into a contract with Dundee City and Angus Councils to manage their residual waste (that is waste left over after recyclable materials have been removed). This will also be (as mentioned below) as a sustainable alternative to landfill.
It is a long-term contract under which MVV will take over and operate the existing energy from waste facility in Baldovie while building a new, modern facility next door.
The new facility will use around 110,000 tonnes of residual waste per year to generate electricity. It will also aim to fulfil the requirements of the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste priorities on:

1. reduce
2. reuse
3. recycling
4. recovery (of energy for example)
5. disposal

The tour was conducted by Mimi Mwasame (Community Liaison Manager) and Peter Lawrence (Contract Manager) from MVV.

The tours are in line with the MVV ethos to educate the community about energy recovery as a sustainable alternative to landfill, creating awareness on the amount of rubbish produced daily in Angus and Dundee prior to Christmas shopping festivities

Costing around £125m, it will have the potential to produce up to 9 megawatts of electricity. Some of which will be used to run the plant with the remainder being sent to the National Grid.