Hull-Mounted Tensioner (HMT)



The Hull mounted tensioner is suitable for vessel designs that have the facility to support chain jacks and lockers. However the HMT can support a range of chain tensioning and storage methods and can also be adapted to support Off Vessel Tensioning if required.



  • Lightweight Design
  • Established installation methodology
  • Can be used as either as a Hull mounted tensioner, or with a suitable supporting interface it can attached to the deck edge.
  • Ease of installation or removal via trunnion mounts




  • 5 pocket chain wheel – with messenger rope groove
  • Combined wheel shaft & horizontal inboard pivot
  • Pivoting chain stopper body


Working with one of our clients, we developed this design to suit a number of their potential prospects. The design gave them the option for both hull mounted and deck edge connections, potentially allowing it to be used on a range of vessel and floater types.


The HMT is a scalable connection solution. Please contact us with your MBL and vessel requirements.

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