Product Category

Our tensioner products can be located:

  • at the vessel
  • in the mooring line
  • at the anchor

This allows a variety of mooring solutions to be created.

So whatever your mooring line design we have a tensioning product to suit your needs.

Contact us with your requirements.

Our Products

Further information on our specific mooring products can be viewed by clicking a product below;

Hull-Mounted Tensioner (HMT)

Tensioning at the Hull is often seen as the traditional way of tensioning a top chain mooring line and for some applications it may still be the best option. With our relationship with Macgregor we can offer a range of designs for your application....

In-line Mooring Tensioner (ILMT)

The benefits of in line tensioning is to take the tensioning operation away from the hull which provides an increased level of safety, keeping marine operations at a distance. It also reduces weight by eliminating need for chain jacks and fairleads a...

Compact Underwater Fairlead (CUF)

The compact under water fairlead was designed to be mounted on a top loaded suction pile to enable tensioning to be accrued out and work with the BTC at the hull or buoy.  ...