In-line Mooring Tensioner (ILMT)



In-Line Mooring Tensioning is suitable for a range of mooring applications. It allows the anchor connection and vessel connection to be simple and robust, with no requirements for chain jacks or chain lockers. The tensioning operation takes place away from the vessel, this is important for applications where the floater supports high value assets or delicate structures, making ILMTs ideal for both Oil & Gas and Renewables alike. The versatile system design afforded by the in-line tensioner has already found applications for new installations and in the remediation/life extension of an existing vessel.


  • Tensioning operation is located away from the vessel
  • Allows simple connections at the vessel and the anchor
  • Eliminates the need for chain jacks and Chain Lockers
  • Requires a short length of chain for tensioning purposes
  • Minimal maintenance



  • 5 Pocket Chain Wheel
  • Counter-weighted Chain Stopper
  • Non-metallic bearings
  • Range of coatings and paint systems available
  • Lightweight design


Whilst we were developing our own designs for an in-line tensioner, we were approached by one of our clients to develop an tensioner for their application. The cast design means that the in-line tensioner can meet the requirements for DNVGL-OS-E302 or equivalent 3rd party standards for mooring chain accessories.


The ILMT is a scalable design solution, please contact us with your MBL and mooring system design requirements.

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